Making Positive Choices

Woke up in a “mood” which is a vague statement….so I broke it down below 

Analyse: questioned why I felt that way, couldn’t put my finger on it.

Labeled my feelings: I felt moody but in its real terms I felt frustration.

Had a choice: let it affect my day or not, I chose to not let it.

Let it go: was I willing to let it go in the hopes of replacing with a better feeling? Yes.

Action: what was I willing to DO to change my state of being? I had options, meditate, yoga, think better feeling thoughts, go for an ocean swim, workout.

What did I do in the end? I finished my 5 day ocean swim challenge, I meditated twice, worked out. –
Why did I choose them? Ocean swim to shock my mind into focusing on one aspect fully (the cold) visualised my goals to refocus on where I want to go. Present moment mindfulness to remind myself everything happens now and a workout to release my pent up energy.

An in depth analysis to give you an idea as to how I work my way through states of being that don’t serve myself or my greater good.

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