That Feeling…

After my first ever show where I spoke openly and uncensored about my life story in the firkincrane theatre in Cork. I spoke from my heart as I always do. When people hear real, raw stories they can resonate on a deep level, something within them says “that’s me” or “I can relate”.

At the end of everyone of my talks people gravitate to words me ready to speak their truth and they always finish with “things are gona change” and normally follows with a message a few months later with “iv made changes, thank you” nothing matters to me more than that!!

You see, never once did I think when I was a the depths of depression, completely in crisis and out of control that my story would reach a nation and further. We all know the phrase hurt people hurt people and it makes sense, but so does healed people heal people. If you are suffering right now, one day if you choose, your story and healing will help others. My suffering was not in vain. I thrive of off helping others to reach their yet unseen potential. To bring them up a level of consciousness and equip them with the tools to live a fulfilling life. I am living in my passions and you can too. If you want to know more or would like some coaching please DM me or email us at

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