Graham McCormack

I have been through just about everything a human being can experience and not only live to tell my tale but I thrive on helping individuals and businesses reach their utmost potential. With my enthusiastic and authentic approach I appeared on the late late show (Irelands largest talk show) in March 2019 to share my challenges and resilience with a nation, a goal in my mind, buried deep, in crisis that came to life. I offer coaching, business consulting (to coaches) speaking engagements, workplace trainings. I would like to personally welcome you to my website. Grab a coffee, have a look around and reach out to me if you feel called to. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching FAQs

1. How does the coaching take place?
All calls are over zoom, unless within an appropriate distance. I cater for clients all over the world with weekly calls and midweek check ins. 
2. How long does the coaching last?
I work with 1, 2 or 3 month time frames, depending on your goal and preference.
Coaching is paid in monthly installments. So there is no pressure for large “upfront” payments.

3. Who is coaching for? 
If you feel stuck, demotivated, lack direction or just plain tired of your life at present, coaching is for you. 

Consulting FAQs

1. How does the consulting for coaches take place? 
All consulting calls take place over zoom on a weekly basis to ensure accountability. 
2. How long does the consulting last? 
Consulting lasts for a minimum of 3 months. The reason being, is there is skills to be learned and leveraged, also we would work on positive habit building over time.
3. What is included with the consulting package? 
Expert advice in the following areas: sales, social media marketing, pricing, package creation, client retention, nailing target audience and how to build passive income. 
4. How do I pay for my consulting package? 
All payments are monthly installments. 
5. Who is the consulting for? 
People who are in the service industry and ready to transform others lives in a big way. In the past I have worked with therapists, life coaches, personal trainers and counsellors. 

Speaking & Training FAQs

1. How does speaking/trainings take place?
All speaking/trainings are corporate based. These can take place in the work place or over zoom to your team or specified clients.
2. What is included in them?
The majority of speaking/trainings are tailor made due to your companies needs. I also have ready made, one off sessions and full length programs available upon request. Please email info@gmcleadership for more info. 

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