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Transformational Life Coaching
In this one on one, based coaching setting, I work with clients to help them become clear on where they feel their life should be and set down a realistic, practical, strategy to get them to where they deserve. 

Business Consulting (Coaches) 
When it comes to consulting, it is about the clients leveriging my expertise and experience. Save yourself hours of research, and trial and error. I help coaches from many Industries (life coaches, personal trainers, therapists) from around the world in the arts of selling, client retention, pricing, scaling your business and marketing. Never again worry about where your next client is coming from.

Speaking Engagements & Trainings (Corporate)
I provide tailor made programs and talks based off of your companies needs. Whether it is wellbeing in the work place, leadership training or sales motivation, I have got you covered. These engagements can be in a large or small setting and both nationally and internationally.

The Late Late Show

Cork’s Red FM Radio Show

Real Health Podcast

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